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Frequently Asked Questions


How long are the strands of lights?
The 24 Count Strand is 5 feet length of balls with a 5 foot cord and plug.
The 48 Count Strand is 10 feet length of balls with a 5 foot cord and plug.
How do I attach the balls to the strand of lights

Simply make a small .25" incision in the opening and slide it over the bulb. The entire light should go into the ball with the little plastic bit on the wire hanging outside. 

Can I use them outdoors

Bright Lab Lights are made of cotton and are not waterproof. You can hang them outside for a dinner party, just don't leave them out there!

How big are the balls

Each ball is approxiamately the size of a tennis ball.

Is the strand a single strand or in a loop

Lights are strung on a looped strand.  See photo gallery for examples.  

Can you attach multiple strands of lights together

No, each strand needs to be plugged into an outlet. 

My balls are dented, what can I do

It's an easy fix! Use a chopstick to round out any dented balls. 

My lights aren't working properly!

Each strand comes with a replacement bag of bulbs taped to the strand. If any of your bulbs burn out, simply replace them with a new bulb. We do guarantee our lights for 6 months from date of purchase and offer a coupon discount for new light strands purchased within 12 months of original purchase. You can purchase replacement light strands on our Spare Parts page. Email hello(at)brightlablights.com if you need help with your lights.


How much is shipping

Shipping is free on all orders!

When will I get my order

You should expect your order within 7-10 business days.

Do you ship internationally

At this time we only ship in the domestic United States.

Can I expedite my order

At this time we do not offer expedited shipping.

I haven't received my order yet.

If it has been more than 10 days since you placed your order, please email us erin@brightlablights.com with your name and order number. 

What is your return policy

We offer a 30 day refund on any unused lights.  Return in the original packaging to:

Bright Lab Lights
1000 E. Oakhill Dr.
Alpine, UT 84004


Do you offer wholesale

Wholesale is coming soon. We are working on offering a wholesale program in the first quarter of 2015. Please fill out this form for more information and we will contact you.


We would like to feature Bright Lab in our magazine or blog or photo shoot.

We love working with all kinds of brands!  Contact erin@brightlablights.com to see how we can work together.